We are also passionate advocates for sustainable development and consider it our journalistic responsibility to spread awareness regarding the same. Our website highlights any breakthroughs in the domain of renewable energy, which hold the potential to transform the energy patterns of the country and help with the conservation of non-renewable fuels. We also closely monitor the trends in the sphere of sustainable agriculture, to educate our readers regarding the environment-friendly techniques that can change the face of the agricultural industry.

The energy industry is what governs the technological roadmap of India whereas agriculture is one of the key stabilizing elements of the country’s economy. Research and development in the field of renewable energy is the need of the hour, to preserve the ecological balance without compromising on industrial expansion. Therefore, our site highlights any pertinent inventions or advancements in these areas, to educate the readers regarding sustainable growth. We also focus on the initiatives of the government and private bodies to move towards renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind power. Furthermore, all the important energy conventions and conclaves are covered by our able reporters to spread the awareness regarding such sessions. We also pay special attention to the impact of these events on the farming community and have dedicated columns to describe the upcoming methods of sustainable farming.

Decatur News is not just a niche portal for the news concerning renewable energy but also the gateway to a plethora of authoritative content on the recent developments in this field. We provide a thorough coverage of all the events and findings in the domain of sustainable development and also provide exclusive reports on the impact of these happenings on the economy and growth of the nation. With the perpetually decreasing availability of traditional fuels in India, and all around the world, our primary endeavor is to educate the masses regarding the benefits of the usage of renewable resources for power generation.