Energy Secretary, Rick Terry Says US Should Remain a Part of the Paris Accord and Renegotiate It

The Secretary of Energy, Rick Terry said on Tuesday that many of the European countries are not taking sufficient measures to curb the emissions that are polluting the environment. He also said that the United States should continue to stay in the climate accord of Paris, but negotiate it once again.

By the next month, Donald Trump, the president of the United States is expected to make a decision as to whether the country is going to stay or not stay in the Paris Agreement landmark of 2015 that imposes a restraint on the carbon emissions all around the globe. This Paris Agreement was signed by 194 countries.

Rick Terry also acknowledged the efforts made by both China as well as United States and said that they are bringing about a great impact on the reduction of the emissions. On the other hand, he also questioned the absence of sufficient efforts by countries like Germany and France.

No specifications were provided by Rick Terry on France, but for Germany he said that the country had made a decision to opt out of the nuclear energy business and double their efforts to set up renewable energy facilities.

Perry also said that the reason that these countries are causing more emissions is because at the moment they are still utilizing more coal as an energy source than other sources and coal not being a clean source of energy is causing harmful emissions.

He also made a critical remark and said that his main point was that the countries should not sign an agreement and then expect the other country to take up all the initiatives while the former one does not participate even a bit.

At the time of the presidency campaign, Donald Trump had taken a vow that if he became the president of the United States then he would quit from participating in the Paris accord. However, after his election on 8th November, Trump was observed to be evasive on this matter and had said that he is trying to have an open mind in this context.

The former Chief Executive of ExxonMobil and the Secretary of State of US, Rex Tillerson informed the lawmakers at a confirmation hearing that the US is going to remain a part of the agreement. This agreement had been reached in Paris in December 2015, which had resulted after many years of negotiations.

Trump, however, cannot dismantle the Paris accord unilaterally, but he has the option to initiate the process of exit of US from the Paris agreement.

In addition to being the biggest economy of the world, the United States is also the second largest carbon dioxide emitter in the entire world after China and its termination of the Paris accord will cause a severe blow to the efforts that have been carried out by all countries to fight climate change.

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