Our team of brilliant journalists and subject matter experts is the backbone of our organization. Here is a glimpse at some unknown facts about the enterprising individuals who pen the powerful words that are the reason for the success of Decatur News.

Swati Bansal, Email:
When the rest of the world sleeps, our Chief Editor Swati Bansal toils away to ensure that the top notch quality of our content remains undisputed. This graduate in Literature from the University of Mumbai is not just an excellent editor but also a skilled musician. Swati’s original compositions and finesse with the flute leave the audience enchanted.

Sumit Porwal, Email:
Sumit Porwal is yet another talented editor, whose degree in Computer Science from Pune University allows him to verify the technical nuances of our articles. He is calm and composed under pressure and helps to maintain a positive atmosphere in the newsroom. He is an outdoor spirit and loves to go kayaking or river rafting, whenever the weather is favorable.

Siddharth Malik, Email:
Our portal is the first to report any breaking news, thanks to the undying efforts of our reporter Siddharth Malik. A graduate in Mass Media from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, Siddharth is also an amazing cartoonist and plans to soon publish his art work. His relentless dedication to be on top of all the news that matters is what makes Siddharth an irreplaceable member of the team.

Alisha Kulkarni, Email:
Alisha Kulkarni impresses her interviewees with direct questions and an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand. She is the secret behind our exclusive interviews that are extremely popular among the readers. With a degree in Botany from Pune University, Alisha wishes to always contribute to the ecosystems of India, in one way or the other.

Sarthak Mishra, Email:
Sarthak Mishra’s impeccable vocabulary and excellent choice of words have adorned several articles on our website. His degree in Literature from the Banaras Hindu University and his love for poetry are the driving factors that encourage him to create brilliant pieces that enthrall the readers. Sarthak has also won numerous creative writing competitions in his university days.

Ruchir Dubey, Email:
Ruchir Dubey is a master at creating powerful yet condensed content. His articles pack a punch and get straight to the crux of the issue. Ruchir holds a degree in Philosophy from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and is also an active member of the anti-plastic movement. In his spare time, Ruchir likes to travel to secluded villages to enjoy the local culture.

Kartik Dubey, Email:
Kartik Dubey is yet another irreplaceable member of our team, whose unique style of writing captivates the readers. He endeavours to become one of the top journalists of the country one day. Kartik is a graduate in Mass Communication from Symbiosis International University, Pune and is also a state level hockey player.

Sunaina Dubey, Email:
Sunaina Dubey is yet another exceptional reporter who is always up to date with the latest developments in the sphere of renewable energy. Her reliable sources help us in publishing breaking news at the speed of light. Sunaina holds a degree in Environmental Science from Lucknow University and likes to unwind with a session of martial arts.

Pritam Shankar, Email:
Pritam Shankar is a proficient writer who likes to educate the readers regarding the scientific aspects of sustainable agriculture. His degree in Horticulture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has resulted in an expertise in this domain. Pritam is an advocate for organic farming and grows different vegetables in his kitchen garden.

Anugya Bhasin, Email:
Anugya Bhasin is one of the most prolific writers of the pack and can convert technical jargon into a riveting read within minutes. Her degree in Life Science from the University of Mumbai comes in handy to delve into the scientific details of the topic. Apart from writing, Anugya’s hobbies include cycling and playing badminton.