A Camping Tent That Uses Solar Energy Was Designed by Students

A group comprising of students of Hispanic origin who were living in the state of California are designing a tent for camping, which is going to use solar energy. The sole purpose of this project is to meet the needs of electricity for the homeless people.

EFE News Agency quoted a high school student Kenia Shi saying that their camping house is made with materials that are different from normal camping tents and they are going to have LEDs and solar panels so that a person can see inside even when its dark outside.

The students designing the project are also going to figure out a way to clean the entire house to kill bacteria using ultraviolet lights.

The miniaturised solar technology installation in a tent that is going to be mobile is a project that 12 Latino students are pursuing at the Los Angeles County’s San Fernando Magnet School. They also received a $10,000 grant from the MIT School of Engineering’s Lemelson Inve Team Organisation.

Shi said that when they were first introduced to this programme and they were told that they had a chance to make some kind of invention that could make something better in their community, then they thought that making a solar tent was the best way to go.

Shi is the daughter of immigrants from El Salvador and she plans to study at University of California, San Diego in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

According to the statistics from the year 2016, which was compiled by the Homeless Services Authority of Los Angeles, there are about 43,000 people in Los Angeles County who live in tents on the streets or shelters.

According to the annual tally, which doesn’t have figures from Long Beach, Glendale or Pasadena, the homeless population had 26 percent white people, 27 percent Latino people and about 39 percent of African American people.

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Araceli Chavez said that it is very nice to say that you are the one who is trying to help the people who are often almost ignored by the public and the government.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded engineering grants to about 15 US schools to develop things like solar energy tents. These projects would be displayed by the students at the EurekaFest Fair on the campus of MIT on 15th to 17th June.

The solution of the students is to try and install a small panel of solar cells and a light that has an energy storage element. This way, the electricity that is accumulated by the solar panel can be transferred to other appliances as well.

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