Adani Group Plans to Invest in Punjab, Meets CM Amarinder Singh

Punjab seems to be a hub for many investors of late. In recent news, the Adani Group has shown a special interest in investing in this beautiful land and the firm’s top level management also met the Chief Minister Amarinder Singh sometime last week to discuss the matter. Adani Group’s Chairman and President Pranav Adani had a meeting with Amarinder Singh to have a discussion regarding the areas of investment in Punjab. A solar power unit is already being operated by Adani Group in Bathinda and now the company has shown further interest in actually expanding its presence in this state.

Adani Green Energy Limited in the year 2016 had actually commissioned Punjab’s biggest solar power plant of around 100 MW at Bathinda with the investment of around INR 640 crore. Another company from Adani Group has installed silos that are worth INR 250 crore for grain storage in rural Punjab. Yet another investment worth INR 210 crore is also being made in the field.

Adani conveyed to the CM that the group’s businesses that include real estate as well as city gas distribution have a major potential to improve the progress of Punjab. The group’s growing businesses like water purification, aerospace, defense as well as drone manufacturing and many more find the right synergies with Punjab’s public welfare and growth interests.

The CM of Punjab, Amarinder Singh has been in news for a lot of things lately. Recently a few weeks ago, the CM had a meeting with the Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi and the Finance Minister to have a discussion on various demands, which included the Central Government’s support in cancelling off the loans of the debt ridden farmers who are residing in Punjab.

The PM had agreed to call off the loans in Uttar Pradesh few months ago; therefore Amarinder Singh requested that the Centre granted Punjab also the same liberty. The CM of Punjab is doing a lot of good things to his state.

Adani Group is an India-based conglomerate, which is head-quartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The firm’s diversified businesses are resources, agro business, energy sectors and logistics. Adani Group is one of the biggest port developers in the nation with the Mundra Port being the commercial port.

In April 2014, the group added the fourth unit of 660 Megawatts at the Tiroda Power Plant, which made Adani Power one of the largest private power producers in the nation. In the year 2015, Adani Group was ranked as the country’s most reliable infrastructure brand. Punjab will certainly benefit if Adani Group makes its investments in this land and there may also be a lot of job creations in the process.

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