Arunachal Pradesh Villages Will Be Soon Lit up with Solar Power

In a recent meeting, Mr. Piyush Goyal (Power Minister) stated that India will be powering nearly 900 plus remote villages situated in the Arunachal Pradesh region that is bordering China with high tech off-grid renewable energy kits, which will be bringing electricity to close to 16,500 households.

The Indian Government will very soon be inviting price bids from bigger firms, exclusively for this project, which also involves setting up of more than 4K off-grid street lights. The dropping costs of renewable energy makes it a much better option of power supply in some of the far- flung regions than installing transmission lines for grid-connected power, which may be very time consuming. There will be energy efficient bulbs, ceiling fans and also battery back-up for 8 plus hours. All these will be part of the entire package.

The small off-grid solar systems for individuals and the micro-grids offering solar power with some commercial enterprise as the anchor consumers are getting currency as the most preferred way of lighting up the remote regions/villages in the nation. This also goes on to complement DDUGJY (Deena Dayal Upadyay Gram Jyothi Yojana), which is a village electrification scheme that was announced by the PM Narendra Modi to offer power to nearly 18,452 remote villages by the 1st of May, 2018. Till now, close to 13K villages have been given electricity under this fantastic scheme since the time of its launch in the year 2015.

The adoption of this off-grid power supply system is actually improving as a lot of private project firms get low-cost finance to tap the increasing demand of rural power in the nation. The power minister went on to state that  the Indian government will ensure that the state distribution utilities will all be complying with all of their obligations in order to meet the part of power demand  with renewable energy. One of the ways would be to basically disallow the defaulting utilities from purchasing power from the exchanges.

Piyush Goyal stated that the Central Govt will be looking forward to get much more transparency in the electricity segment by bringing out a kind of national power portal that will contain links to pretty much all of the currently existing applications, which will give the real-time data in the power sector.

Apart from that, the states will also be certainly urged to reveal merit order of the power purchase, the ranking of many of the power sources that is available in a given time and also the energy cost for bringing much more transparency as to how the states generally procure the power beginning with low cost supply.

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