Hartek Power Receives an Order of 1025 MW Solar Project for the Fiscal Year 2017

Hartek Power that has its base in Chandigarh said today that the company’s order of EPC (Engineering, Procurement as well as Construction) solar grid has increased its size by nearly 733 percent to a solar generation capacity of about 1,025 Megawatts for the fiscal year 2016 – 2017. In the previous fiscal year, the order stated the solar grid capacity to be about 123 Megawatts.

The solar grid capacity of 1,025 Megawatts EPC project that has been won by Hartek Power is inclusive of about 30 substation projects with a capacity of 220 Kilo-Volt spread across a span of 10 states. This information was provided by the company through a statement.

Hartek Power will be providing complete turnkey solutions required for these projects and will also execute the works and operations of the post-inverter that will be covering all the aspects of design, supply, engineering, installation, commissioning, electrification and automation of the solar power plant.

The Chief Managing Director of Hartek Power, Hartek Singh said that the company has successfully prevailed over many prominent players that were looking forward to bag the orders of these projects and they are determined to thrive in the aggressive solar drive capital that can be experienced in India.

He also said that the current scenario of the market along with the proactive approach that is being used by the government is pushing the utilities and developments of solar power. He said that the company has an unmatched expertise in the aspect of connecting solar projects to grids and till now the company has successfully surpassed the target of 500 Megawatts very easily and smoothly.

In the year 2016 – 2017, Harek Power connected a project with a capacity of 340 Megawatts to the solar grid and so far the company has commissioned substations with a total capacity of 598 Megawatts projects. In the year 2015 – 2016, the company had made less amount of commissioning of projects with a capacity of 123 Megawatts.

Since the southern states of India like Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are offering opportunities for the immense expansion of business with the help of much larger scale projects, Hartek Power is going to focus and consolidate its position in these stats along with the state of Rajasthan that has been traditionally outperforming other states in the country.

The tenders of about 3 Gigawatt capacity solar projects are under the stage of execution in the southern states and the company is looking forward to move to new geographies like the state of Jharkhand and will reinforce their strength and control in the states of Uttar Pradesh as well as Punjab.

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