Industrial Energy Limited Launches Solar Micro-Grid Project in Odisha

IEL (Industrial Energy Limited) is actually a joint venture of Tata Steel & Power. It had recently inaugurated the solar micro grid project at Baliapal Village, Kalingaa Nagar, Odisha. This project will certainly benefit at least 260 people in the Baliapal village with uninterrupted power supply. The village had a major problem with power supply; it faced regular power cuts that seriously hampered the studies of the students and affected the lives of other small time workers in that region.

This project is actually the first of its kind in Odisha with its community nearly contributing to almost 10 percent of the overall project cost and the remaining 90 percent is contributed by the IEL. The micro grid is especially the part of power distribution system that consists of distributed generation, loads and also energy storage.

Micro-grids are very robust when it comes to controlling the voltage as well as the frequency; it protects the network and also the equipment that is connected to this micro- grid. This project will be controlled and managed by VDC (Village Development Committee) that will have around 20 people, which will also include women.

The process of establishing the rural micro-grid project will involve multiple stages that include the identification of the rural village, the permission from all the villagers for the 10% contribution, formation of the VDC and then setting up of the project.

Talking about this wonderful initiative, the CEO of IEL and Kalingaa Nagar Station’s Chief Mr. Vijayant Ranjan stated that this project will make sure that there is more reliable power for all the villagers and it will contribute towards the Indian Government’s main objective of rural area electrification, where the Govt. of India has aimed to provide electricity to all the rural areas of India within the end of this year. The renewable energy sources and also the technologies have the potential to offer solutions to all the long standing energy issues being faced by many of the villages in the country.

This is a wonderful initiative taken by the IEL to develop Odisha. India still has so many villages that face electricity problems even to this day. There are so many villages in the remote areas in the country that still do not have power supply. The Indian Government has been taking some serious measures to help and develop the condition of the rural areas. Constant power supply to these regions is one of the main goals. Many firms like IEL have been assisting the Indian Government in meeting its goal well ahead of time. This will not only benefit the people of rural area, but will also develop India as a nation.

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