RaysExperts Commissions 5.5MW Solar Power Project for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

A leading solar power company of India, RaysExperts, which is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company, declared that it has successfully commissioned a solar project with a capacity of 5.5 Megawatts for DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation).

Sources have revealed that this project has a great capacity and can produce 87 million power units every year. The solar installations by RaysExperts will be supplying power to several metro stations along with parking yards, cleaning bays as well as other supporting facilities of metro railways.

RaysExperts is claiming that this initiative will become the largest solar plant setup, which is distributed on the rooftops in the entire country. This setup and solar power facility spreads across 42 rooftops and the capacity of this entire power plant is somewhere around 725 Kilowatt Peak and on an average the capacity is around 131 Kilowatt Peak.

Delhi Metro is one of the significant metro projects of India. It ranks as the 12th largest metro system in the public sector in the entire world. It serves 160 stations and runs across a total distance of 213 kilometers. On a daily basis, 3 million passengers commute and avail the services offered by them. As a result of this heavy traffic and several functions and operations, the power consumption of the entire metro corporation is quite high. A large amount of the electricity is consumed and all this electricity comes from the electricity grid of the city.

The biggest drawback of this electricity consumption is the large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and the fact that the cost of electricity is rising each year and making their expenditures shoot up. Delhi Metro Corporation says that with the help of the solar power installations they will be able to offset about 7200 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

With the help of competitive bidding, the solar tariff has reached a record and is gaining traction of about 2.97 rupees for each Kilowatt Hour. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said that from the year 2016 to the year 2017, about 6800 Megawatts of solar capacity has been added with the help of various projects in all the big and significant states of the country.

The Government of India has been introducing various schemes and is entering multiple collaborations and alliances to boost the energy sector of the country. Even the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has been providing valuable insights and is carrying out rapid developments so that the renewable sources of energy soon become the primary source of energy for India and become affordable for all.

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