RenewX 2017: An Expo on Renewable Energy to Be Hosted in Hyderbad

The REI (Renewable Energy India) Expo is all set up to come up with its 2nd edition of RenewX. The organiser of this expo is UBM India. RenewX is a trade expo, which will be held for 2 days at Hitex. The dates for this expo are 7th April and 8th April.

With the help of RenewX 2017, UBM India aims to launch a platform, which will assist the industries and organisations to penetrate as well as capitalize the lucrative renewable energy sector and markets in South India. The entire community that is dedicated to the green economy of the country will get congregated and discuss the latest trends of the industry, the upcoming challenges and the insights of the markets along with the regulatory framework of India.

RenewX 2017 wishes to make a significant development in the domain of renewable energy and will experience a participation of about 130 exhibitors or more that will be discussing the new methodologies and innovations that will assist this sector. Several service providers, manufacturers and EPCs along with distributors will be present at this RenewX 2017 expo. Some corporations that will take part in the expo are Greenko group, Radite Energy, RenewSys India, Greentek India, Vision Mechatronics, Archimedes Green, Surana Solar and many others.

The latest data received by the market and the government show that the solar capacity that has been generated in India with the help of rooftop panels along with the off-grid projects has crossed the target of 10 Gigawatts. This is giving a huge enhancement in the green power utility as a means of electricity generation. On the pan scale, states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan as well as Gujarat are doing remarkably well in the solar generation capacity. At the moment, Tamil Nadu experiences the highest number installations of the solar generation facilities.

Even the Government of India is assisting the solar and project developers with the introduction of various schemes. Recently, the government announced in its scheme that they will now target to double the capacity of solar power and expect to generate about 40,000 Megawatts energy by the year 2020. Along with this, the government also said that they will provide a financial assistance of about 8100 crores that would cover about 30 percent of the total cost of the project.

A consultant for green energy, Bridge to India carried out a study that stated that India is going to add to a capacity of 8 to 10 Gigawatts of solar energy in the year 2017, which is about 137 percent growth compared to the previous year.

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