SolarEdge to Expand Its Footprint in India

SolarEdge Technologies Inc., a world leader in power optimizers, module-level monitoring service and PV inverters, is venturing into the Indian PV market. They have a new country manager, recruitment of regional team and office. SolarEdge has already been quite active in India’s PV market. The company now has plans of spreading its wings across various states of India.

SolarEdge has its new office situated in Bangalore and the multinational company has set up an entity known as SolarEdge Technologies (India) Private Limited. As part of forming a team of PV experts, the company has appointed Mr. Shashidhara B V as the Head of SolarEdge (India). Shashidhara is a veteran in the sector of renewable energy. He has worked for many years in the field of telecommunications and photovoltaics. His main task would be to build the company’s business in India with enough emphasis on growing the market, forming a local group of professional support organization and building a strong distribution network.

The Chairman, & Founder of SolarEdge, Guy Sella said, “The Indian solar energy segment is considered to be a market with one of the fastest growth potentials in the world due the country’s ever-increasing demand for energy.” He further explained that, “With our global experience, innovative solutions, and dedication to developing a local presence, SolarEdge is well poised to support the Indian PV market in its rapid growth.”

Shashidhara B cited that he was thrilled to join SolarEdge. He was optimistic that the global leader in the PV inverter technology would soon become a key player in the Indian PV market as well.  

“Increasing energy production from module-level optimization, improving O&M with pinpointed monitoring and remote troubleshooting, and enhancing safety feature, SolarEdge’s solution offers the Indian market great promise for advancing the local PV market,” he said.

SolarEdge has a wide array of sectors. It answers the demands of not just the commercial and the residential markets, but also that of small scale PV installations. It showcases best-in-class power optimizers, inverters, cloud-based monitoring platforms and storage solutions.

SolarEdge system allows larger power harvesting and module management by simply deploying power optimizers to every PV module and at the same time maintaining a cost effective competitive system by managing AC inversion and the grid interaction centralized by utilizing a simplified DC/AC inverter. SolarEdge also offers backing for the lifecycle of commercial PV project. This would include project design, pre-sale, project execution, as well as O&M support.

SolarEdge offers a smart inverter solution, which has changed the way power is managed and harvested in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The company’s DC optimized inverter increases the power generated at the individual photovoltaic module level. At the same time, it also lowers the cost of energy that is generated by the solar photovoltaic system.

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