The Growing Wind Energy Sector

A total of about 5,400 Megawatts of wind capacity was recently installed in India in the last fiscal year. The project was completed on March 31st 2017, as per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

This beat India’s previous year’s record of roughly 3,423 Megawatts established in the year 2015 – 2016 by more than 57 percent. The total capacity across the Indian states now stands at around 31,117 megawatts.

About 2/5th of this year’s new renewable energy capacity was included in the month of March alone as several project developers rushed to benefit themselves with the Generation Based Incentive (GBI) benefits. This was in force until the end of the month.

States such as Andhra Pradesh made a relatively late entry to the world of wind power that was installed with 2,190 Megawatts, followed by states like Gujarat with about 1,275 Megawatts and finally Karnataka with 882 Megawatts.

The other states adding to the wind power capacity were Kerala (8 Megawatts), Madhya Pradesh (357 Megawatts), Tamil Nadu (262 Megawatts), Telangana (23 Megawatts), Maharashtra (118 Megawatts) and Rajasthan (288 Megawatts).

Despite the expiration of the GBI scheme, the installations for the present fiscal year are estimated to exceed 5 Gigawatts, considering the dimension of the pipeline and the additional 1 Gigawatts of capacity, which was awarded through auctions in the month of March.

One more encouraging sign for the wind energy sector in India is that the Indian states such as Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and several others have taken a bold step to set up their very first project.

It is noteworthy to mention that the solar energy installed capacity crossed a milestone of 10,000 Megawatts in the month of January, and it amounted to 1/5th of the entire renewable capacity in India. Incidentally, even the renewable sector crossed a milestone of 50,000 Megawatts in the month of January.

However, in the context of the entire power generation capacity in India, which summed up to 1,038 billion Kw-hr in the month of April 2016 to January 2017, the solar sector contribution was a little above 1 percent.

The wind energy sector, which has about 30,000 Megawatts of capacity in the Indian soil, generated about 41,159 Million Units.

The overall result was that the renewable sector, which comprises primarily of the solar and wind sector along small hydro and biomass sectors, generated around 70 Billion Units of electric power, thus contributing to about 7 percent to India’s total power generation. The electricity generation from the renewable sector grew to 26.31 per cent, which was impressive compared to the first ten months of the previous year.

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