The World Will Move from Conventional to Renewable Easily and Comfortably

The world is trying to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and move to renewable energy. It seems to be the need of the hour too as pollution levels are at record highs and many cities are grappling with the problem of smog. The Indian capital too faced a lot of smog problem with the citizens complaining of respiratory problems and people forced to wear masks all day long. Many experts till now were dubious if this transition would be feasible or we are just trying to be over ambitious, but a report by the United Nations now clarifies that the shift from traditional to renewable is very much realistic and achievable.

70 percent of the experts at the UN expressed that 100 percent global transition to renewable energy is possible and in the next decade this energy will become cheaper than fossil fuels. The experts from Europe and Australia were strongly in support of this view.

The Executive Secretary of Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) said at a press conference that was held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, “This cannot be achieved by wishful thinking. Only by fully understanding the challenges and engaging in informed debate about how to overcome them, can governments adopt the right policies and financial incentives to accelerate the pace of deployment.”

While the report indicated that 100% transition is possible, it did mention that experts from countries like Africa, Japan and the US were sceptical that their countries will be able to shift to 100% renewable energy even by 2050. They felt this way because in these countries there are vested interests of the conventional energy industry and hence they will dissuade people on shifting completely. The Indian experts were double-minded. Half said it is possible, while the other half was sceptical about it. Those doubtful cited the higher cost of renewable as compared to the conventional sources as the main reason for their doubt.

Ms Lins pointed that the global economy continued to grow for the third year in 2016, but when it comes to emissions related to the energy sector it has actually decreased. She attributed this success to the renewable energy and efficiency investment made in both the US and China.

The experts were unanimous about the fact that there is a lack of consistent and long-term policies to bring about this transition. India has shown incredible improvement in increasing its renewable energy investments. In fact, the photo-voltaic market figures for 2016 shows that the country has surpassed China in its attempts.

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